How to Prepare Yourself for Emergency Dentistry

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how to prepare yourself for emergency dentistry

Not every unforeseen dental problem requires a trip to an emergency dentist, despite the fact that they can be excruciatingly painful. You might be wondering if you need emergency care if you wake up in the night with tooth pain or if you were affected in a sports accident and your tooth was damaged. You can avoid a lot of misunderstanding in a stressful situation by knowing when to wait to visit your dentist in Indian Land and when to head straight to the nearest crisis dental facility.

You have two choices: either visit the emergency hospital or treat the wound on your own until you can see a dentist. You should visit the emergency room if your dental emergency is extremely serious.

What is considered a dental emergency?

Not every toothache or even damaged tooth qualifies as an emergency dental situation. If you cracked a tooth while eating dinner and are not in excruciating pain, you should take care of the problem, but it is not necessary to visit an emergency dentist. Insignificant pain, a gum injury, and lost fillings are examples of other non-emergencies. These problems necessitate dental care, but they are not dental emergencies.

But keep an eye on yourself, and if a fever, swelling, or excruciating pain appears, call a dentist near you right away to find out the best course of action and proceed with these steps.

What should you do to protect your smile while waiting?

When seeing your dentist right away isn’t an option, pain management is crucial. Before your appointment, try some of the following to lessen the pain:

Determine the severity of the injury

If your mouth has recently been injured, take a moment to collect yourself before evaluating the damage. Check your mouth in a mirror or with someone nearby. Find the cause of any bleeding and identify any missing or damaged teeth. Fill any gaps in your mouth, preferably with gauze, but in a hurry, a cotton ball or tea bag will do. This ought to reduce bleeding to a minimum.

Store teeth that are broken or loose

You should take care of any lost or broken teeth and bring them with you to the dentist. To keep the teeth or fragments fresh, retrieve them, clean them, and place them in milk.

Connect with your dentist when you can

Make an appointment with your usual dentist before doing anything else. The practice may reserve time during regular business hours for current patients with critical dental needs. Some dental offices give their clients a phone number to call if they suddenly require dental treatment. If you have been provided with a phone number, dial it. Your dentist’s office may suggest an emergency dentist if your regular dentist is unable to see you.

Seeking out emergency dentistry near you is always recommended when you experience damage to your smile. Consider going to an urgent dental clinic or if that’s not an option, the emergency room at a hospital. Having someone drive you to and from the clinic can also help ease any stress.

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Whether you practice a strict oral hygiene regimen or not, dental crises can affect everyone. It is crucial that you are aware of them, know when you are experiencing them, and know whether you need to call your dentist or go to the hospital for emergency care. Contact Flourish Family & General Dentistry as soon as possible if you’re experiencing a dental emergency.