Foods That You Shouldn’t Eat After Dental Filling Treatment

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foods that you shouldnt eat after dental filling treatment

A filling is a common dental process that replaces the missing structure of the tooth. If you have a cavity, your dentist will fill it with a certain material after removing the decayed area. By doing this, the harmful debris is kept from penetrating the tooth’s softer interior and moving past the enamel. Additionally, fillings can be used to repair broken or cracked teeth as well as teeth that have been worn down by frequent grinding.

Aspects Affecting Your Diet After Dental Filling Treatment

You will need to wait a while before eating anything after getting a dental filling. The type of filling material that was put in your tooth by your dentist will determine how long you will have to wait.

For instance, you must wait at least 24 hours after getting amalgam fillings before you can eat. But if you must eat, pick healthy items and chew with your mouth slightly to the side. Due to the fact that amalgam fillings generally take a day to properly solidify, you must wait longer than 24 hours.

If you do not wish to see the dentist again, it is for the best if you avoid eating impulsively after the treatment has concluded. Because dental fillings can be sensitive, you should wait a day before starting to eat in that area. 

Our dentist advises waiting about 3 hours before chewing on composite fillings if you have them. The composite material that is utilized to fill a tooth quickly becomes hard. You can even dine as soon as you leave our office. But the three hours of waiting are necessary because you can still be numb. If not, then you can simply eat.

Foods One Should Avoid After Dental Filling Treatment

Here are some of the food you should avoid after getting dental fillings near you,

1. Hard Food

Fruits such as pears, apples, nuts, candy, crisps, and pretzels.

2. Chewy Food

Foods like pizza crusts, meat, and chewy chocolates, as well as meat.

3. Sticky Food

Candy bars, chewing gum, caramel, taffy, toffee, dried fruit, or roll-ups.

What You Can Eat After Dental Filling Treatment

There are always other food choices available that you can enjoy without endangering your just-filled tooth, even though you are somewhat restricted in what you can consume.

Dairy Products

Yogurt, cheese, and scrambled eggs are examples of foods that don’t require a lot of chewing and biting. Most importantly, these foods are among the healthiest available.

Ice Cream and Shakes      

The best solution is to consume your favorite fruit or protein shake. 


You don’t need to chew very much to enjoy a great lunch. By including healthy items in your meal, you may satisfy your daily nutritional requirements.

Ensure to reach out to your dentist near you in case you have any more questions. Especially, if you are experiencing a situation where a tooth gets cracked, book an appointment right away with your dentist.  

Consult Your Dental Fillings in Indian Land

The above suggestions will help you get a basic understanding of what you can eat and what you cannot. However, it is necessary to consult your dentist beforehand.  

Make sure to pick your dentist in Indian Land carefully if you’ve never had a tooth-filling procedure. It takes some investigation to find the best dentist in your neighborhood. Along with reading online reviews, start by asking your relatives and friends for recommendations on people.

Call us to make an appointment at Flourish Family & General Dentistry, a full-service family dental practice, right away!